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About Abhishek (Propriter of Doली..)

Hi! This is Abhishek Kundu,from Kolkata,W.Bengal,India.I started my career as a retail manegment professional.I have worked with various renowned retail organisations,like-Westside(A TATA Enterprise),Planet M Retail Ltd,etc.Photography was a hobby from my childhood days.After working for 10 - 12 years in retail industry.I switched myself from retail industry to my childhood hobby - photography.I have done professional Photography course from “Light & Shadow – An Institute of Photography” and professional Cinematography course from “Chitrabani – A Human Touch in Communication” in Kolkata.I have started my photography career from the year 2013 -14.I am a GOLD MEDALIST photogapher,recognised by “The Image Colleague Society(ICS)”.Now I am totaly into comercial photography and cinematography segment,performing all kind of commercial shoots,specailly in wedding photography.Converted my childhood hobby to my current profession,after crossing lots of hurdels in my life. You can search and follow me on facebook & Instagram for more!

Gear’s & Equipment’s Detail



Speed light’s



Nikon D810 Tamron 70-200mm (f/2.8) Nissin Di600 Porta Lights Stabilizer
Nikon D750 Nikkor 50mm (f/1.8) Digitek DFL003 LED(Dinki) Monopod
Nikon D610 Nikkor 24-120mm (f/4) Digitek DFL200T Strobe Lights Tripod
Nikon D7200 Nikkor 18-105mm (f/3.5-5.6) Vokings   Lapel
Nikon D7100 Tokina 11-16mm (f/2.8) Godox TT685C   Slider
Nikon D7000 Nikkor 35mm (f/1.8) Canon 430EX2    
Canon 5D mark IV Canon 24-105mm (f/4) TyFy Gun 700    
Canon 5d mark III Tamron 28-75mm (f/2.8) Nikon SB 700    
Canon 6D mark II Canon 24-70mm (f/2.8) DigiTech (DFL-012M-0691RT)    
Canon 7D mark II Canon 18-135mm (f/3.5-5.6) DigiTech(DFL-200T-II057KVn)    
Canon 80D Canon 18-55mm (f/3.5-5.6)      
Canon 70D Tokina 11-16mm (f/2.8)      
Canon 700D Canon 50mm (f/1.8)      
' DJI MAVIC PRO'' Drone        

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